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Rachel Cotten

Having transitioned from a background in public education, Rachel now excels as the director and producer of our dynamic media production team. With a knack for storytelling and adept management skills, she leads a talented crew of videographers and graphic designers, bringing her passion for both education and media to life.

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Rachel Ryan

A versatile creator with seven years experience, “graphic designer” doesn’t quite do her justice. Rachel is skilled in motion graphics, illustration, branding, typesetting, proofing, and design. No stranger to quick turns and working from scratch, she has a talent for showing you what you didn’t know you needed. Rachel’s portfolio of work and foundations in Computer Graphics via Purdue University add a powerful punch to our team.

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Garin Grist

With over two decades of experience, Garin is an Emmy-winning videographer and director, boasting an FAA-certified remote pilot's license. His international documentary recording experience coupled with a passion for videography and photography in his spare time showcases a versatile talent dedicated to visual storytelling.

Andrea Geschke

Andrea works in the video production industry as a videographer, video editor, and graphic designer. She studied film, television, and graphic design at Xavier University. She is also a FAA-certified drone pilot. Andrea helps brands, businesses, and individuals tell their stories.

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Maxwell Rinehart

Maxwell Rinehart excels in video editing, bringing his creative expertise to the forefront of multimedia projects. A graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications, Maxwell combines his technical skills with a passion for storytelling. Outside of work, he channels his creativity into making films, exploring narratives that captivate audiences.

Emily Yeaton

Emily is a versatile, flexible graphic designer with experience in illustration, print and digital design, social media, branding, and typography. She is also well versed in digital marketing, specializing in SEO. She is a graduate of Franklin College with a degree in Graphic Design and Business.

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