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We empower small businesses with our comprehensive services in videography, design, and marketing. Whether starting fresh or rebranding, our expert team guides you, crafting compelling visual identities and executing targeted marketing strategies. From headshots to product and service videos, our videography team showcases your professionalism while our graphic design creates impactful logos, advertisements, and social media content. Choose Creative Beacons to elevate your brand, stand out, and achieve your goals.

Small Businesses

Essentials Package
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Multiple formats
Style guide
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  • Who we are

  • What we do

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  • Full page

  • Half page

  • Square

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Preformatted print ads (company provides content)
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Social media content

Post templates

Video clips

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​​Website design feedback
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Business card design (print and electronic: Canva, Google, InDesign)


Email signatures


Slide Deck

Slide deck templates
Additional photos
Additional videos


Product showcase

Preformatted digital ads (company provides content)
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