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Creative Beacons specializes in highlighting school districts to positively impact community messaging. Our videography captures your school's essence, showcasing achievements and pride points. From scripted highlight videos to candid teacher testimonials, we bring your educators' dedication to life on screen. With authenticity and warmth, we resonate with parents, students, and stakeholders. Let us help you tell your story and inspire change within your school community.

School Districts

Essentials Package
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Logo cleanup/
Multiple formats
Style guide
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Why I teach video packages

Campaign launch

Why you’re running

How to help campaign


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Email signatures


Press release

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Highlight clips from
district promos
​​Website design feedback
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Preformatted print ads
(school provides content)


(school provides content)

Slide deck templates
Additional photos /
drone shots

Sports facilities

School grounds

Inside the classroom

Full page

Half page


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