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McCormick for Governor

The McCormick for Governor campaign hired us as their creative team in early 2024. We have since produced their campaign website and numerous social media video shorts, photographed events and the candidate, and created various social media and promotional graphics.


Our team has brought Jennifer McCormick to our studio to film shorts and met her out in the field. We pull out key moments and piece them together as short-form content, also producing the supporting graphics.


It was a true group effort to build the McCormick for Governor campaign website. We took cues from the existing website, reorganized it, and reimagined it. Here we show our original Illustrator mockups, the XD site to pitch it, and the final product.

safari browser mockup 2023.png
safari browser mockup 2023_2.png
safari browser mockup 2023_3.png


A few samples of the portraits and events our team has photographed.

JM ISTA-02.jpg
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